Welcome to my little collection of FREE/Shareware genealogy tools

I am not the owner of these tools. Each tool is offered by the owner either for free, free for a trial period, or for a minimum charge. Please see the owner of the individual tool for full licensing details. I merely present these tools here for your convenience as I have found these tools to be quite useful. The tool may be stored here or it may simply be a link to a download site where the tool may be found.

Genealogy Programs

Cumberland Family Tree - unregistered version completely functional for a 45 day Trial period

Family Matters - unregistered version limited to a few entries

Ancestry Family Tree - I think this is the best over all program. Improved version of Family Ties. At the time of this posting, program did have a few bugs but still completely functional. Program is offered FREE!

HTML/Web Site Generation

Ged2Web - registration is free!

Ged2Html - unregistered version good for files containing 5,000 persons or less.

Family Matters - Unregistered version can import a gedcom file and create a web site

Ancestry Family Tree

Family Group Sheets

PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


Ancestry Family Tree (within program)

Search Tools

Search Engines

Genealogy Sites

Other Tools

 Have you found a useful tool that you think I should list here, let me know at webmaster@zionweb.org